Coronal Mass Ejections and Planet X

While reading Bad Astronomy yesterday (Have you voted today?) I ran into Phil’s Planet X SOHO page, which lead back to the main Planet X index which details the saga of Nancy Lieder and Mark Hazelwood’s arguments for the existence of a previously undiscovered planet they call ‘Planet X’.

Now, a previously undiscovered planet wouldn’t be that big news anymore, now that Pluto has been demoted to ‘Dwarf Planet‘ status, and Ceres and Eris have been elevated to the same status. (Sedna probably qualifies as well, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet) What Lieder and Hazelwood have been saying, however, is much much stranger.

Having been a long-time denizen of I’m familiar with arguments that, at their best, are described as ‘wacked out’. However the UFO/alien abduction bunch make creationists look logical. I highly recommend reading the whole Planet X saga.

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