Sonoma County Astronomical Society (SCAS) looking for volunteers

L. D. Anderson sent the following email to the mailing list, and I’m reproducing it here for any interested amateur astronomers who might want to go to Lake Sonoma and show the public the stars…

Greetings all,

I am the current Director of Community Activities for the Sonoma County
Astronomical Society (SCAS). As such, I am the coordinator for setting
up school star parties and other public telescope events.

Last year I approached the rangers at Lake Sonoma to inquire about
establishing a regularly scheduled astronomy interpretation program for
the visitors at Liberty Glen Campground. In looking at possible dates
I’m finding one slight problem for the SCAS members who might want to
volunteer – that is that so many of our members are also docents at the
Robert Ferguson Observatory. The best Saturday nights (May 19, June 16,
July 14, Aug. 11&18) for doing public astronomy are already RFO Public
Viewing Nights. I have considered the following dates (May 12, June 23,
July 21 and Friday Aug. 17 – weekends near the first quarter moon) as
other possibilities.

The purpose of this email is to inquire how many fellow amateur
astronomers from near-by clubs might be willing to participate in public
astronomy nights at Lake Sonoma. If there is interest I will further
investigate the possibility of having pre-paid campsites available for
any of you who might be willing to come to Lake Sonoma and share the
night sky with the campers. I am aware that many Bay Area astronomers
already come to Lake Sonoma to take advantage of the dark skies, away
from big city lights. This would be a way to serve two purposes.

If interested, please respond to the email address above. My regular
AANC contact email is penumbra(at) I use “astroman” to keep
star party communications separated from my general email.

Clear Skies,

L. D. Anderson

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