Mount Tamalpais Astronomy Program 5/19

Mountain Theatre on Mt. Tamalpais

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Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 7:58 AM
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Subject: [AANC Contacts] MT TAM ASTRONOMY PROGRAM 5/19Mt Tam Enthusiasts – Well, the rain came in April, but we have high hopes for May. Please join us for our first astronomy program for 2007 on SATURDAY, MAY 19 AT 8:30PM in the Mountain Theatre on Mt Tamalpais.

Dr. Scott Sandford, from NASA-Ames Research Center, will give us an overview of the Stardust Mission and an update on what has been learned from the comet sample it returned to Earth from Comet 81P/Wild2.

Weather permitting, the talk will be followed by observing in the Rock Springs Parking Lot, with the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers.
This a FREE program, sponsored by Mt Tamalpais State Park, open to the general public. Student and youth groups are encouraged to attend.
Dress warmly, bring a flashlight and car pool if possible. More information and directions are on our website: If the weather is questionable that day (dare I even suggest it?) call the hotline 415-455-5370 after 3:00pm for an update.

Thanks for sharing this information.

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