JPL Podcast “What’s Up” for May 2007

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“What’s Up – May” , the monthly amateur astronomy themed podcast is up
on the public JPL website today.

Saturn, Jewel of the solar system is joined by Venus and Mercury in the
early evening, and then after midnight, glorious Jupiter returns.
Near Jupiter, the Asteroid Vesta can be seen beginning in late May
through September. It will be bright enough to see with the unaided eye,
if you know where to look. Saturn continues to be a great target through
the amateur telescopes clear through July, when a beautiful grouping of
Venus, Saturn, Leo’s star, Regulus are all bunched together with the
slender crescent moon. Between now and then watch Venus and Saturn as
they draw closer to each other.

You can get to the 2 minute podcast from the JPL main page:

You can also get it on the JPL Amateur Astronomy page. You’ll find some
simple (aimed at the general public) downloadable sky charts, links to
NASA amateur astronomy networks, and this is where the What’s Ups are
archived, too.
This is the
permanent link for you to use if you want to bookmark the site

This month the Dawn mission’s Amateur Observer Program was added to the
JPL Amateur Astronomy page – the link I just mentioned above. The Dawn
Amateur Observers Program, is modelled on the successful Deep Impact
Amateur Observers’ Program. Check it out! There are
detailed star charts for Vesta viewing for several months on this page
and lots of other great information. I’m sure some of you will want to
participate in this Dawn Observers program.

Let me know if you use the podcast for museum or planetarium or
astronomy club programming! We love to know who uses our NASA multimedia


Jane Houston Jones
Senior Outreach Specialist, Cassini Program JPL – 4800 Oak Grove Drive,
MS 230-205 Pasadena, CA 91109 818-393-6435
Cassini Saturn Observation Campaign

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