I’m humbled

My post on SN2006gy has resulted in a lot more traffic to this blog than anything I’ve written before. There were some inbound links I chuckled at, but the ones that caught my attention were from Wikipedia, specifically a page on ‘pair-instability supernovae‘. Apparently the author of that article found my post worthy of a link in ‘external references’.

Let me make something clear; I’m not a ‘real’ astronomer. I’m an amateur astronomer, and a professional computer geek. I don’t have any relevant degrees in astronomy, have published no papers on astronomy, and all of the information on my post was gathered from my reading the links at the bottom of that post. I think I understood most of it, but any errors on this page are mine. I maintain this blog as a kind of reference list for my own purposes. If someone else finds it entertaining or helpful, that’s great too.

Yet, I’m humbled.


2 thoughts on “I’m humbled

  1. Thank you! I post stuff here that I find interesting, and I’m happy to see that others find it interesting too.

    I just saw that this blog is now #97 on the ‘Growing Blogs’ link on wordpress.com.

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