Where to find up to date information

I look at the dashboard of this blog just about daily, to see what search terms people are using to find it, and how relevant my blog is to those terms. I see a lot of traffic that is generated by current events, like “what was bright by the moon on may 19”, or “moon venus conjunction”, etc.

My best advice for those of you reaching this blog looking for current events is to go to the Sky and Telescope Magazine website. Bookmark it and refer to it whenever you have a question regarding what you are seeing up in the sky currently. I don’t have the resources to duplicate the information available there, and really this blog is more for my own amusement than anything else, although I am pleased that other people find it informative from time to time.

Some other places are the Bad Astronomy site (Phil’s not really a bad astronomer, he just writes about bad astronomy in movies, TV shows, and news broadcasts. From time to time he’s also known to point out some current events in the sky) Toms Astronomy Blog or any of the other sites in my massive list of astronomy websites and blogs.

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