Fremont Peak 5/26

Fremont Peak Observatory at sunsetWell, I’m going to be taking the first trip of the season up to the Fremont Peak observatory.

Things have been a bit delayed this year so far, because my oldest daughter was in some local theater productions. I’m a bit worried, because I have some issues going on with my neck, which could make observing painful. I’ve been having the issues for a while (gradual onset of pain over the last couple of years), but they got bad enough for me to go back to my doctor and bug him for a diagnosis. I was sent to get an MRI, and it turns out that I have a bulging or herniated disk between C5 and C6. This is what was causing the pain from my neck down my right arm to my fingertips, and is now causing intermittent tingling/numbness as well.

So, we’ll just have to take things as they come, and see how it goes.

See this post for more pictures from Fremont Peak, and see this post on a presentation I gave to a 5th grade classroom using solar telescopes on loan from FPOA.

If you are in the South San Francisco Bay Area, and are interested in having me come to your elementary/Jr. High classroom and speak about astronomy, please let me know.

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