Mountaintop, mountaintop

Planning another trip up to the peak on 6/16. Right now only my oldest daughter and I are scheduled to go. This time I’m going to try to make sure she gets to move the big scope. Last trip another member was running the big scope and I was outside with my little one, and I’m guessing he was uncomfortable letting an 11-year old move the scope, because he didn’t. I found out the day after that she was upset by it.

I also got an email yesterday that there are a few tickets left for the 7/20 session of the Summer Viewing Program at James Lick Observatory. So, I’ll try to grab three of those for my two oldest daughters and myself.

I really enjoy participating in the public programs. It’s quite an education for me, plus I get to sound all authoritative and stuff. 😀 But, what I’m really looking forward to is the time I’ve reserved on the Challenger telescope for Hannah and myself on July 13th. One of the perks of being an FPOA member is that after participating in public programs, you can reserve time at the peak, including time on the Challenger itself! Right now we’re planning what we want to look at. I’m thinking (since it’s going to be close to a new moon) that we can go after some of the dimmer objects, and also put one of the wide field eyepieces in and look for things like Markarian’s Chain.

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