A nice “thank you”

I received this email from Ron Dammann on Sunday:

I want to thank you all for volunteering your time at Saturday evening’s Public program at the observatory. Special thanks to Kenneth Frank for doing three presentations to the estimated 100 -120 visitors that converged on the observatory throughout the evening hours. Also from Kenneth’s SFAA group were Peter Schumacher and wife, and Dean and Alicia Gustafson with their Dob telescopes on the telescope pads.

FPOA volunteers running the Challenger were William and daughter Hannah Hudson with Joseph Brandt, Gordon Reade, Dave Samuels, Rick Marrarella, Paul Bradshaw and Robert Armstrong on the telescope pads with telescopes for visitors to observe the Moon, planets, Messier objects, etc. The Hartnell interns attending last night were Miguel, Angelica and Ed using the 16″ FPOA Dob telescope.

Hope see see you all throughout the year at the Peak enjoying the facilities.


No, Ron, it was my pleasure. Thank you for all the work you do throughout the year.

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