R.I.P. 2Sky

In a previous post, I reviewed the Palm OS star chart program 2Sky. Unfortunately the 2sky Palm Astronomy Software
has been discontinued by it’s author. I don’t know if he has any plans to pass the software off to anyone else. I know that I use it just about every observing session. The Palm T/X is a lot easier to take to the observing site than my computer.

There are still some alternates out there:


Windows Mobile

If you know of other mobile device software (palm or windows CE) then please let me know.

10 thoughts on “R.I.P. 2Sky

  1. 😦
    That is really unfortunate, because I rather like 2Sky. AT least my old version still works. I use it all the time with my astronomy classes.

  2. I’m rather upset by it. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact the author to see if he is planning on passing the source code on to someone, perhaps as an open source project.

    I’ve looked at some of the PalmOS alternates, and so far there’s nothing I like as much as 2Sky.

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  5. I want my 2Sky!!
    Bali, a girl, and 2Sky were a nice mix.
    The only reason my Palm Tungsten T5 hasn’t been recycled is 2Sky.
    As an iPhone dork and “Astroweak”, I’m counting on somebody amongst you to find and then convince the author to, in peril of my whining, move it along and make me (oh, OK, us) pay him for “2Sky iPhone”.
    Work it, geeks!

    Mike Kvammen

  6. Wow that sucks. I remember sitting beside a fellow geek on a flight, and showing him why 2sky was just as good – if not better than his pda’s star chart software. I used 2sky all the time until I was forced into a dreaded blackberry (still kept my old pda because of 2sky).

  7. Yah, I’m a bit tweaked about it, but I’ve already got my copy. I wish the author would release the code to the public domain so that it could be picked up by others.

  8. Has anyone had any luck tracking down 2Sky’s author yet? It really is the best astro software out there for a handheld – I’m not looking forward to the day my Tungsten T3 finally fails.

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