In a previous post I noted that the author of my favorite handheld planetarium software, 2Sky, is throwing in the towel, and taking it off of the market. While I’m not ready to ditch 2Sky just yet, I have been looking at alternates. I tried the open-source AstroInfo, but it’s not what I’m looking for. It appears to be geared more toward tables of data rather than an interactive and full-featured planetarium.

So far the one that piques my interest is Astromist. There is a free version, and a full version. I’m downloading the free version and will be trying it out over the next few weeks, sidereal by sidereal (so to speak) with 2Sky, and I will report back to you with my feelings about it.

The full version is only $36.00, and it comes in a PalmOS and a Windows Mobile version.

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