Buhhhhh….. WHAT???

In a previous post, I commented on some of the weird things heard at star parties.   This one is about the weird things that show up in the referral logs on this blog.

“star constellation with 7 moons” – ok, what are you looking for?  First of all, constellations are patterns of stars as perceived by us here on Earth.  Typically constellations are not composed of stars that are in any way associated with each other beyond their proximity in our view.  The “Big Dipper”,  for example, which is part of the official constellation “Ursa Major” (The Big Bear) is composed of stars that are, from our perspective, bright.   However, some of the stars are bright because they are close to us, and some of the stars are bright because they are, well, bright, but much farther away.  The stars in Ursa Major vary quite a bit in their distance from us and are not associated with each other.   Second, constellations don’t have “moons”.  Planets have moons, stars have planets, and constellations have stars that are not necessarily associated with each other.   Got it?

“naked star pictures” – well, no need to explain this one, is there?  I just hope it was good for you.

“brian may dust emission” – well, he’s older than I am, but I don’t think that he’s *that* old.

“crunchy outside chewy center” – Somebody’s missing “The Far Side”.

So… if you get here because you’re looking for something specific, and you’re not finding it,  drop me a note.  Comments will do just fine.   I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction.

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