Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain are my heros!

They rock!  I’m not going to say exactly what they are doing for me, because I don’t know if they want that kind of thing out… but I will say this: I asked a favor that would have required a simple “Yes” answer from them, and instead of simply giving me that answer, they have freely thrown themselves into a project on my behalf. 

In case you don’t know, Dr. Pamela Gay is StarStryder.  Her blog is linked on the left side of this page, and the RSS feed is shown on the right.   Fraser Cain is the publisher of Universe Today, which is also linked on the left side of this page.  Together they publish the AstronomyCast (link on the left under ‘Astronomy Podcasts’, RSS feed on the right).  I know that they don’t have much free time.  Pamela is a full-time professor as well as a blogger and podcaster, and Fraser is a full-time student as well as a web-site publisher.   I know that what they are doing isn’t something they’d do every day or for everybody, and believe me, I’m floored.  I’m humbled.  I’m speechless (well, ok, not really).

You guys are the best.   I’d love to have either of you, or both, as my guests at any time.  Just say the word, and if I’m in town, I’ll show it to you.   I’ll even take you up the hill and let you play with my big scope  (ok, ok, its not really mine, and I’m sure you guys have probably seen through scopes this big before anyway, but it’s the best I’ve got).

One thought on “Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain are my heros!

  1. Oh, now you got me wondering. 🙂

    I have an standing invite to them if they are ever in my neck of the woods to visit our club’s observatory, but we can’t beat “your” scope.

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