Observation Log: 22 Aug 07 Wednesday

18:15 18:15 Boy scout troop due for a special program sometime this evening. Opened observatory and conference room to cool off at 18:25 hours. About 90F in observatory.
19:20 Scoutmaster called my cell from Hollister, delayed, only ½ of the scouts had arrived there yet, est 21:00 arrival.
19:52 Taking some time to look at the moon.
20:15 Ed Huston arrived. Informed of Scouts late arrival. Ed and I began observing the moon and Jupiter while we waited. Also observed M13.
21:30 First of scouts arrived. Gave an abbreviated version of the program I had prepared. Talked mostly about sizes and distances to various objects.
22:00 Began naked-eye observing on the west pad. Used GLP to illustrate constellations.  Second group of scouts arrived during this time, for a total of 13 guests (10 scouts, 3 leaders)
22:30 began observing with the Challenger. Looked at Jupiter, Antares, M13, M31, M57, Alberio, the double-double, etc.
23:30 Scouts had left, Ed and I tried but were unable to see M101, too much sky glow.
00:20 Closed observatory.

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