Blogroll updated

As I warned you in a previous post, I’ve changed the way my blogroll works. This is due to the fact that doesn’t allow some of the available widgets which would let me place my blogroll in a drop-down, and also to the fact that my blogroll keeps getting bigger and bigger, and to the fact that I actually do most of my blog reading off of

So, I’ve removed all of the direct links to the various blogs, and replaced them with a single link to my public bloglines blogroll. Hopefully this will make the left side of my blog, which was dominated by the blogroll, a bit more accessible and readable.

By the way, if you have an astronomy-related blog (astronomy ONLY please, I will NOT link to astrology or ‘alternate physics’ types of pages) please drop me a line in comments. All I ask is that you retaliate… er, reciprocate. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Blogroll updated

  1. Hi Bill,

    I came across your blog from a link on Dave Pearson’s blog and have very much enjoyed reading through your posts, particularly your observing reports. I’ve added you to my blogroll. My blog/site is not exclusively astronomy related but a link back is always appreciated!


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