Jupiter and Venus in the morning

Here’s a snapshot I took with a handheld camera at 6:30 this morning of Jupiter (not Mercury, as I had incorrectly identified it earlier) and Venus together. Venus is the brighter one (obviously) at -3.94, while Jupiter is at -1.83. They’re only about half a degree apart ( 0°35’6” ). All I had was a cheap Kodak digital, and I braced against my car in order to steady myself. The streak to the left of the planets is a jet contrail that I had to wait for as it passed in front of them.


3 thoughts on “Jupiter and Venus in the morning

  1. Was driving to work at 5:00 AM going north on the 14 to Palmdale, CA from the San Fernando Valley this morning on 1 Feb 08. The brilliant view of Venus and Jupiter was spectacular. Though I’m not a star gazer like my brother who constanly has star parties to look at the heavens, this was worth searching the internet to find out which planet was partnered with Venus… I fell lucky that I was driving that morning in the carpool van instead of snoozing…… Cheers

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