NOVA CYGNI 2008 #2 (V2491 Cygni)

Dave Samuels, one of FPOA’s volunteer astronomers, has captured some images of Nova Cygni 2008 #2 (V2491 Cygni) with his Canon 20D on at 1920mm focal length from his backyard in Pleasanton, CA.  I’ve quoted his email below with additional images. 

Here is an image I took this morning from my backyard  In addition, I cropped and labeled it so that you can clearly see the nova and the star next to it.  Also included is the DSS image and a cropped and aligned version the same size as the cropped image that I took this morning.  It is likely that one of the two faint stars (around mag 18 – 20) is the one that went nova (DSS image pixel location 726,754 or 722,757).  The limiting magnitude of my image is 17 at best, 18 with a little imagination.

RA 19h 43m 01.96s DEC +32 19′ 13.8″ (2000)   (North is up in all these images)’00.jpg

Turns out that Chi Cygni is about 1 degree, 40′ to the north east of this location.  The bright star at the top-right is HIP 96977, mag 5.90 (according to StarryNight).  At the center, just above and to the right of the nova is TYC 2660-1754-1, mag 10.25.  There is a very faint star in my image just peeking above (north) of the nova at pixel location 1596,1250 (est. mag 16+/-), and the nova is located at 1595,1567.



TEC140APO, f/7.0, 2X Orion APO barlow, Canon 20d (unmodified) with in-camera noise reduction, captured with ImagesPlus 2.75.

AP1200 GTO3 mount

Guided with DSI2Pro piggyback through Orion ED80, K3ccdtools.

Pleasanton, CA

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