125mw laser

Recently I purchased a 125mw green laser.  You can see my previous posts on this here, here, here, and here

On May 31, I took my new 125mw laser and the trusty 5mw laser up to Fremont Peak for a public program.  I was able to use the 125mw and cast a visible beam as soon as we could see Saturn.  I couldn’t see the 5mw at all, but the 125mw was bright enough even in the civil twilight  to cast a visible beam and aid in aiming the Challenger.

The 125mw was a big hit with the other astronomers.  I was able to point out objects with it for about an hour before the 5mw lasers became visible.  “Oohs” and “Ahs” were abundant, even from the other astronomers.

Remember, if you purchase one of these, you really should take the warnings seriously.  A 125mw laser can blind someone if it reflects off of a mirror surface (specular reflection) and hits them in the eye, and FAA regulations state that this class of laser device is illegal within 20 miles of a commercial airport.

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