Astronomy Burger (updated)

In a previous post I ranted about the severe and obvious errors in a Burger King commercial that rankled me.  Well, apparently someone else pointed out the problems to Burger King as well, becuase they’ve heavily edited the commercial.

In the new version, the two men are sitting down eating their BK Steakhouse Burgers as before.  However, when the third man asks “What did you do to earn that Steakhouse Burger?” there is a cut-away to a new scene of the first man, who says simply “I discovered a new planet”.  This is obviously a new shot.  The background and camera angle are both different than the original version, and there are no identifying objects in the background of this shot.  It was probably re-shot in a different studio with as close of a background as they could get, and edited into the commercial, replacing the original (very erroneous) explanation.

Also different is the reaction of the third man at the end of the commercial, when the second man says “I helped”, the third man says (sarcastically) “You helped.  You arrogant punk!”

The commercial is quite a bit shorter than the original as well.

All I can say is ‘kudos’ to BK for immediately fixing the horrific errors in the first version of the commercial.

4 thoughts on “Astronomy Burger (updated)

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  2. Most :30 second commercials have shorter versions of them. What you saw wasn’t edited due to content, but for a time slot.

  3. Richard;

    Thanks for the insight. I did see the original (longer, less accurate) version again a couple of nights ago. So, kudos to you, and kudos withdrawn from BK, I guess.

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