12/15 Classroom Report

Well, my outreach program has expanded.  I now do ‘astronomy talks’ in two local schools.  Yesterday I gave a talk to the entire 5th grade at Rod Kelley school.    I spoke for about an hour, and I have to say the kids paid pretty close attention!   I thought it might be too long, but when I finished both powerpoints, there was 20 minutes to do Q&A.

All of the usual suspects showed up for Q&A: What will happen to the Earth when the Sun expands?  What would happen if you fell into a black hole?  etc.

I was worried that the subject matter would be too much ( it hits a lot: distance, mass, sizes, stellar evolution, supernova, white dwarf stars, neutron stars, black holes and scientific notation ) but the teacher said that it fit right in with the curriculum.

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