That bright star next to the moon…

UPDATE: August 5, 2009: I broke with my habit of putting updates at the bottom in this case, because it is *not* Venus anymore. At this time of the year for 2009 it is actually going to be Jupiter.

… is Venus.

UPDATE: January 29, 2009: Yes, it’s still Venus.

UPDATE: January 30, 2009: You can see it in the daytime too, I show you how here.

UPDATE: February 27, 2009: Yes, it’s still Venus!

Yes, once again I am pandering to the search terms that bring people to my site.   After tonight’s conjunction, I saw a swarm of searches for the ‘bright star next to the moon’ and ‘bright object by the moon’ etc.

Look at the posts here, here, here and here for more information.

UPDATE: April 22, 2009: Yes, it’s Venus again! This time in the morning!

3 thoughts on “That bright star next to the moon…

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  3. yah, what about this morning (juy 17 2009) why was it moving arounnd in an elipsis??? Venus shouldnt be bouncing around right?

    No cloud cover, no weird haze.
    I dont (didnt) belive in aliens and stuff. I’m not a physisist or astronomer, but Im sure humans could not sustain that type of g force. moving around from mach 10 or so to a dead stop, could not be posible, even in zero g. Tho I know nothing about aero space, I can tell speed and distance. not a satelite, so unless someone launced something, W.T.F. was it?

    At first it looked like, i was looking at the tail end of a coment (moving away from earth)

    I wish i was the pilot, it looked like it be fun.

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