Why I don’t discuss evolution here

Today I tweeted a link to a news item about evolution.  Somone ( who shall remain anonymous ) asked me why I didn’t discuss this here.  Was I afraid?  Was I avoiding the issue?

To make myself clear, this blog is about astronomy, specifically about amateur astronomy, and my efforts in astronomy education outreach.  I try to stay focused on that issue here.   A bit of poking around in my profile and the links therein will make my position on that issue clear.   However, I have made a decision, a long time ago, to stay focused on the core issue of astronomy in this blog.

My reasoning is that it is far too easy to let that particular topic dominate the discussion.  Sure, it would probably drive a lot of readership here, and it would look good in my stats.  However, there are countless resources available if you are interested in that whole debate.   I do participate in that debate, but not here.  There are even blogs by astronomers (with more astronomical credentials than I have) who do not shy away from that debate.

My goal here is to promote amateur astronomy, and to promote astronomy education outreach within the amateur astronomy community.  Since that debate does not fit with those goals, I do not discuss it here.

The End.

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