10 thoughts on “2012 / Planet X / Nibiru

  1. As well as the obvious financial rewards of writing books on Planet X, the political angle is also present. I have seen the politicisation of circumstances so many times. One example of politicisation is the spectre of Left-Wingers manipulating environmentalism, in order to attack capitalism. There are leftist/mediaevalist extremists, religious fundamentalists, psychotics, and other fringe weirdoes, who would like to change the world by force. In the absence of force, and with no sign of Noah’s Ark, it is clear that there are millions of cranks in this world who would see a major planet x cataclysm as being the cleansing factor.

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  3. Time is a human construct. Different beliefs have different calendars and different doosmday predictions. I will send all the people who ask me what I think about ‘nibiru’ to your site.


  4. Well when the saying is less the sensing is no more. The sensing is less when seeing is no more. We are here to know and get through the facts of knowledge. The knowledge is not abyss it is tetradiagonal . 2012 year is also therefore important for all n from everyone stand point.
    Hope will rule upon the world.

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  6. VasiliyKovcheg
    End of the world. A planet – Nibiru. Evacuation till December 21 2012. Your last opportunity of rescue. Reception of the complete information – send the message with a theme: Planet X Nibiru. newarmagedon@mail.ru
    Confidentially important.

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