Daylight Venus, redux

Today I repeated my ‘Daylight Venus’ observation. All in all, it wasn’t too difficult. While I was standing outside my daughter’s classroom, waiting for the door to open so I could take her home, I spotted the crescent moon. Knowing that today and tomorrow were the days that the moon would be the closest to Venus, I shielded my eyes from the sun with my right hand, while I looked to the left of the moon for Venus. After a few minutes I spotted it, about two fingers-breadth away from the moon, to the left.

(No, I didn’t care that people were looking at me weird as I stood in the playground with my hands up in the air, peering at the sky. Some events are just too much fun for decorum!)

This was in full sunlight, at about 4:00 PM!

Tomorrow I’m going for a three-peat! The moon will be just above and to the left of Venus, and about the same distance away. Get out and take a look!

See also this post, and this one too.

4 thoughts on “Daylight Venus, redux

  1. thank you, my son saw a bright light to the bottom right of the moon last night and asked what it was. the only answer i so far have found has been this blog.

    i assume this is true for New York as well.

  2. Yep, I spotted it today at about 4pm too! This from Detroit, MI. I’ve seen it a number of times in late afternoon, starting late last month when it was near the Moon, but this is the earliest for me. I find it’s very hard to stare at the bright sky long enough to spot it unless the Sunis blocked from view. But Venus is very bright now, and very easy to spot from a shady site.

  3. The fact that a lot of searches are coming up with “star next to Sun and/or Moon” is probably due to the fact that people are trying to figure out if Planet X (Nibiru) is coming around or not. I am not saying that it either does or does not exist, for my part I’m mostly trying to figure out a link between poles melting on other solar bodies and the “rest period” of our Sun.

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