Some good news for a change…

Score one for reality!  Three test cases, alleging that vaccinations caused autism, have gone down in flames.

Vaccines do not cause autism.   Science has been saying this for years… decades even.

If you don’t believe me then digest this:  The prime suspect in the purported vaccine/autism link has been the mercury-based preservative thimerisol.  If this was the cause of Autism, and you take thimerisol out of vaccines, what should happen?  New cases should decrease, right?

Well, exactly the opposite happened.  New cases of Autism kept popping up at exactly the same rate, or in some cases at a higher rate.

Thimerisol doesn’t cause autism.  Vaccines do not cause autism.  Autism is a neurological condition that begins *before* the child is vaccinated.   Vaccines get blamed because symptoms generally appear at about the same age as the MMR vaccine is administered.    This is a classic case of  the ‘post hoc ergo propter hoc’ fallacy, and I for one am delighted that for once, for just a day even, reality wins, and pseudoscience and mass hysteria loses.

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