Introducing: The ENC

In honor of the new campaign of censorship attempts by 2012ers on Yahoo!Answers Astronomy & Space,  I’m now forming the ENC, or “Evil NASA Conspiracy”.  This is a blatant rip-off of the “EAC” (We do not exist), but what the heck.

I think our slogan will be “In space, nobody can hear you scheme!”.   Our goals will be simple: the suppression of any evidence of Planet-X/Nibiru.  We should be very successful in this, since the object does not exist.

See?  It’s working already!  I’ll have to work on my funding proposal to NASA.

8 thoughts on “Introducing: The ENC

  1. Wednesday, March 25, 2009
    BONUS SONNET: On The Evil Nasa Conspiracy
    In space, it’s true, no one can hear you scheme
    As we now do, ha ha, to keep the truth
    Out there where it belongs. This planet meme
    About Nibiru should defeat each sleuth
    Who thinks he can unearth our evil plan
    To make a future for us, should distract
    The rabble from our workings, to a man
    And keep our dreadful secret well, in fact.
    It would not do if ev’rybody knew
    That some of us are working toward the day
    When humankind strides to the future. Who
    Could bear the thought of boundlessness, I say?
    Far better to encourage weird-ass fears
    That everything will end in a few years.

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