Appeal successful, post restored

My appeal of a fraudulent removal of a post from Yahoo!Answers Astronomy & Space has been approved, and the post has been restored.  Unfortunately Y!A does not tell me who reported my post as inappropriate.   However, Y!A assures me (with ponderous gravity) that the person who flagged my post has ‘lost influence’.

Yippie skippie. Color me “unimpressed”.

One of the other frequent aswerers there told me that a group of sock-puppets targeted his account one night and reported 6 posts within 45 minutes, causing his account to be disabled.   I’ve now had to restrict access to my Y!A profile so that people can’t simply browse through my answers and flag them.

Once again, the 2012 proponents are showing their true colors.  It’s not ok to disagree with them.  If you do, you will be targeted.

And remember, 2012 is a hoax and “In space,  noone can hear you scheme.

3 thoughts on “Appeal successful, post restored

  1. Congratulations on the appeal. Not that is does any good, as your answer has been pushed back to the second page, and people rarely ever read “resolved” questions anyway.

    I certainly have an opinion about “who” the user is that is ruining the Y!A experience in the Astronomy and Space forum, I have over 15 accounts that I suspect to all be “sock puppets” of this person in my blocked users. Apparently, now this person is getting his/her kicks out of duping the avatars and names of regulars. (Is internet “imposterism” legal? I wonder, as there is quite a degree of annoynimity to that site to begin with.

    Oh well, too much rambling.

    Take care,

    • Thanks. I knew that appealing was kind of an exercise in futility, but I really wanted to drive home the point to whoever it was, that I’m not going to back down from that kind of harassment.

      As far as getting Best Answer on 2012 questions, I can only recall one in the last few weeks. As long as kids keep coming to Y!A and asking about 2012 I’ll keep answering the same way, thumb-bots or not. I hope that the sock-puppet realizes now that I’m not going to just let him challenge and remove good answers.

      The funny thing is that he keeps complaining about Brant, and saying ( I guess ) that all of us are really clones of Brant, trying to ‘game’ the system, while he goes and creates a dozen or so sock-puppets and ‘games’ it himself.

      Juvenile. Just juvenile.

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