Another day, another 2012 hoax page update

I’ve added several new links to the 2012 hoax page, including several good articles about 2012 I found, and an update to the ‘Planet X/Nibiru/Wormwood’ section describing why recent papers severely limit the possible size and orbit of any large object beyond Neptune.

4 thoughts on “Another day, another 2012 hoax page update

  1. A couple of things –

    Thank you for dispelling the CME used in Knowing. Unless something comes at us out of the blue, I expect to be drinking a beer and toasting you on 12/22/12.

    Question not related to 2012 (more related to 4/13/2029 specifically 9:37pm (UTC) – What effect (if any) will the near encounter of 99942 Apophis with Venus on April 8, 2016 have on the very near encounter with Earth on 4/13/2029. Do you wish to point me in the right direction.

    • Hi Bob;

      I’ll raise a glass of cheer as well.

      My understanding of the Apophis threat is that it currently sits at 1:45,000 for the 2036 pass and 1:12.3 million in 2037. I think they’ve dismissed any threat for 2029 at this point.

      See the Wikipedia link here

      • I read that as well. I was originally looking at the orbital plots top-down when I posted. Then I was able to look along the ecliptic plane and saw that Venus and Apophis don’t really get all that close.

        I figure that any minor perturbations in the orbit should be figured out well before it gets close again.

        All the current orbital charting is based upon info from the 2004-2006 time period – prior to that (2016) encounter.

        I agree that 2029 will be a slingshot approach – the window of opportunity for a 2036 impact is estimated at 400Meter wide – on the 2029 slingshot.
        If it were NASA-JPL trying to hit the window – I’d say they could do it on purpose – Nature, well I’d think it just a lucky (or unluck in our case) shot.

        The Jan 10, 2013 E-A approach (.0941 AU) would be a good time to tag Apophis with a radar beacon just to be on the safe side – to see if the 2016 encounter changes anything.

        • I think they should tag it anyway, just for the science!

          One of the long-term survival scenarios for mankind is engineering a way to move Earth out in its orbit. Frankly I think that it is a more feasible feat than terraforming Mars, or migrating to a different system. The most realistic way to do it is to divert a pretty good sized asteroid into an Earth-synchronous orbit, and boost it gently so that it crosses just ahead of Earth every year.

          Far-fetched, but fun to think about!

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