Two more

Two more of my answers on Yahoo! Answers have been false-flagged and deleted.   So far, I am making sure that this tactic on the part of the presumed “2012 proponent” is backfiring big time.   Now that they have targeted my answers for false reports of violations, I am actively seeking out every “2012” question on Yahoo! Answers and answering it in the same way.  On the same day that two of my answers were false-flagged and deleted, five of my answers (pretty much the same ones) were selected as ‘Best Answer’.  So, I have plenty of points with which to appeal these deletions.

A note to whoever is doing this:  I am winning. Every time you delete one of my questions, I will appeal, and you will lose.   You are telegraphing just how weak your own opinion of your position is.

So far this is providing a benefit to me: extra traffic to my 2012 page.   Not that I have any ads there, or derive any financial benefit, but rather the ‘benefit’ is that of satisfaction that the word is getting out to more and more people.

2012 is a hoax.  Planet X is a hoax.  Nibiru is a hoax.  It always was, and it always will be.  Unless and until the proponents can bring any actual evidence, instead of contrived arguments based on bad translations of Sumerian cuneiform, or bad astronomy and claims of telepathic communication, or bad interpretations of the meso-american calendar, then it will remain what it is: a hoax.

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