Don’t Forget your Binoculars

Newcomers to astronomy are often shocked when amateur astronomers (including me) tell them that there first telescope should be a pair of binoculars.   I’ve covered this topic before, and so have other astronomy bloggers.

There are many reasons for this: Binoculars are more versatile than a telescope, you can use them for more purposes.  Most amateur astronomers bring binoculars with them on observing sessions anyway.  Binoculars help you to find the objects you are looking for.  Binoculars are less expensive than telescopes (unless you’re buying a department store piece of junk).

Today’s episode of 365 Days of Astronomy fits right in with this advice.  British author/broadcaster Robin Scagell looks at the pros and cons of binocular observing, and gives us some tips on getting the most out of our observing sessions with binoculars.  So head on over and give a listen to  Don’t Forget your Binoculars.

Oh, and don’t forget your free planisphere and star atlas, your list of binocular objects, and your list of binocular Messier objects!

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