Why does Yahoo! Answers do this?

ya2012Why does Yahoo! Answers do this to their science categories?   Why is the default category “Science & Mathematics > Astronomy & Space“?  Why is the second category “Science & Mathematics > Earth Sciences & Geology“?   The question at the right was never posted, but you can see that Yahoo! Answers defaulted the question to “Astronomy & Space”.  It doesn’t show “Society & Culture > Mythology & Folklore” (which is where these questions belong) until it gets down to the fourth pick!   This is why a lot of these 2012 questions wind up in Astronomy & Space!

6 thoughts on “Why does Yahoo! Answers do this?

  1. Astronomers are more familiar with explaining the impossibilities that so many of the 2012 claims contain. A regular in the Mythology and Folklore section, who has a great knowledge of Greek Mythology, or about Gnomes and Vampires, might or might not be up to date on end of the world doomsday hoaxes.

    I agree, I can’t stand to see all those question flooding the A&S forum, but the asker is more likely to get a quick and accurate reply. Maybe some of this has to do with so many regulars seeing this question so many times, that they just decided to learn the subject, so they can actually have an answer to that question.

    I really wish Y!A would limit the number of times an exact, or virtually exact question gets posted within a certain timeframe.

    I’ve had mediocre success in dealing with the Yahoo staff, and in most cases, have never actually communicated with an actualy human being. Those automated replies really distance them from their users.

  2. I have to say that i’m totally astounded with the number of people who ask these questions, but even more by the number who answer them. Sure there are a few with boilerplate answers (good and bad). But there are huge numbers of original answers. I can’t imagine that many of these answers get posted by people doing dozens or hundreds of answers. So there must be an army of people answering. Many of these questions go into a second page. I recall voting for the 45th answer more than once…

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  4. I think we can look at this fact from two different perspectives and it back to the “whether the glass is half-full or half-empty”. A lot of questions with same them could be annoying, but then it could also boost the points gained by members who can use Yahoo! Advanced Search capability.

    By using this advanced search capability for example, it is possible for some answerer to find equal questions and simply copy paste an answer for different questions (more advanced answerer use a text randomizer, btw). These answering method could enable answerers to gain more points in mass-production way.

    The amount of somehow same questions in Yahoo!Answer could be attributed to why people ask a question. For some people, it is because they don’t bother or don’t know how to do a search before they ask.

    I don’t usually answer questions related to 2012, but sometimes I am watching what is going on. From what I observe, some askers of these questions are possibly trolls. Some of them don’t even have point above 100, suggesting that those accounts are in fact created just to annoy people.

    • Bear in mind we have a lot of sock puppets messing about with 2012 questions and answers. (Hi SPS! Are you still stalking us?!)

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