Fear and Ignorance…

… can kill.

I’ll make no secret of it, I’m angry today. Fuming mad, in fact.

Yesterday, Kishan left a comment on my 2012 page. It reads:

I was watching a show on Discover and it showed how we are going to hit a apocolypse in 2012, and there’s people coming out with books and what not, and how 2012 is going to be a negative change, i heard how maybe 2012 will be a postive change. What worries me is that i am a teacher and my 3rd graders are hearing about this, and a little child is talking about how if its ending, that she should just end it now.This isnt even close to funny anymore

I agree. This isn’t even close to funny. A 3rd grader “is talking about how if its ending, that she should just end it now.”

Every one of you 2012 proponents, this is your fault.

You are doing this to our kids! You are filling their heads with unreasonable fears, with pseudo-science, with your doomsday crap! History Channel, Discovery Channel, any media outlet that airs these ridiculous pseudo-documentaries, this is your fault too!

Don’t you have an obligation to at least publish the truth if you’re going to call it a documentary? The dreck you’ve been serving up for years now is literally scaring people to death! Adults, at least, can (sometimes) sift through the crap and decide for themselves. An 8-year old, who sees a slick pseudo-documentary on one of your channels, does not have the critical thinking skills to do that!

You You-Tube’ers out there: Don’t you also have an obligation to the truth? How would you feel if you were the parent of a kid who kills themselves out of fear? What would you want from someone who peddled lies to your kid and pushed them over the edge to suicide? What would you like to do to them?

What would you like this teacher to do to you?

Personally, I hope someone finds you and sues you for everything you’ve got. In fact, I hereby volunteer to assist with any such prosecution. You District Attorneys out there, you parents, make a note. I will help you research the claims made by these irresponsible jerks, these fear-mongering, money-grubbing frauds. I will point you in the direction of reliable resources. I will help you dissect the claims made by these scam artists, and expose their lies.

I want them to go down.   Hard.

20 thoughts on “Fear and Ignorance…

  1. I will help, too if there’s anything I can do. If poor Simon Singh can get sued by libel by chiropractic quacks, why can’t 2012 woo-wooer’s get sued, too?

    • Why indeed?

      These quacks are making money selling books and doing Hysteria Channel mock-umentaries. I think they need to be relieved of the burden of all that cash.

  2. today i tried to talk her out of it. And its been accomplished.For now.
    When i was telling her why i think wait…let me rephrase it…KNOW It wont happen, i started to realize it myself. First of all if it was coming to a end and the government was like “yeah its true”, do YOU really think the government would be working hard to rebuild this society, do you think they would try to move the world into a new order, if that even happens, i think if this was true, the government would be the FIRST to lay back and not care.
    Another thing, if this was true, and the survival guides they are “selling”, its like

    “hellooo were dying, give them out for free!!” yeah i didnt think so
    ohh wait a minute there selling these books to make money for the “futureee”
    if 2012 is really happening what are they gonna do with the money, but wait aha, they NEED the money for the future, all makes sense.

    • Kishan;

      Good that you talked to her. These kinds of doomsday scenarios can be very scary for kids. I would like to help in any way I can. If you feel inclined, ask her to pass on any questions she has to you, and then you can forward them to me, and I will respond. I watch for comments on the ‘2012’ page, but I try to answer every comment, regardless of which page it is on.

      I try to keep this site kid friendly, so feel free to pass this site on to her as well.

  3. Kudos to you Astrogeek, for this eye-opening statement. I have already contacted the History Channel and told them that they may be scaring children into committing suicide, that there have been over 30,000 questions about the 2012 hoax on one Q&A site, and that some of these kids have said that they see no reason to go on if they are going to die in three years. This is a dangerous and potentially deadly hoax. Any deaths that result from it fall straight onto the heads of the hoax perpetrators and the purveyors of this false information.

    • The ‘mockumentaries’ put out by the Hysteria channel have a lot to do with this. They present one side, spending 80 to 90% of the time feeding hysteria, and then have a 2 or 3 minute blurb from the scientific community in a token gesture of ‘neutrality’.

      I get angry every time I think about it. My daughter was harassed at school this year because she said that the program was wrong.

      These rumors are going to kill people before 12/21/2012, and there’s only one way to stop it: Say the truth, loudly, time after time, in every venue we can find.

  4. We both know what happened to that young girl that was exposed to sensationailistic unwarranted yet publicized fears about the LHC. I am firghtened as well. My oldest neice (11 years old last February) is already showing some signs of mild clinical depression. I have sent the link to you 2012 hoax page to my sister, just incase she has any questions or fears about the matter. It would be devastating to me if anyone took matters into their own hands by being submissive to these scientifically unfounded fears. I don’t know what I would do if it hit that close to home, but I can imagine there would be a lot of poor emotional standing in the nieghborhood if such a tragedy occurred.

    Stay strong in the struggle. I don;t know the quote precisely, or where it originated, but I once heard soemthing along the lines of, “The only way for evil to triumph, is for good men to stand silent.”

    This will become more and more of a social battle in the years to come. I can only hope that education of the facts can vanquish this fire before it gets out of hand.


    • Send the link to your family. Send it to your friends. Send it to your neighbors. Send it to your local school science teachers.

      Volunteer to give an astronomy talk in local schools or to Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts going for their astronomy badges, and talk about 2012 there.

      Write letters to the Hysteria Channel and any other channels that publish this nonsense. Tell them what they are doing, what effect it is having on people, especially on young kids who don’t have the tools to parse nonsense from fact.

      In my opinion, it is already out of hand, and it’s only going to get worse. The first few months of 2012 are going to be awful.

      • I added a rather “colorful” blog to my myspace page. I have a handful of regular subscribers, mostly friends, family, and ex girlfriends. Uhhh, it does contain some profanity, so I won’t include the link here, but I think you will be able to find it in a backwards channel through the RSS feed on facebook. You are right, this dangerous misinformation must be confronted on all levels.

  5. Thank you for speaking out on this, Bill.

    Ever since I first heard about 2012, I have had fears about the potential for mass suicides. Having lived through Heaven’s Gate, I’ve seen how the cynical manipulation of astronomical facts can lead to tragedy. Can you imagine how Alan Hale and Tom Bopp, having discovered the comet of the century, felt when its presence in the sky was used to cause a mass suicide. A brilliant discovery and an object of great natural beauty, used to kill people!

    I remember all too well how, as a child, I was filled with many fears about the world. It was only through my exposure to science as a teenager that I gradually changed my life from one of fear to one of hope. Please, let’s do anything we can to save these children.

    Your friend,

    Geoff G.

  6. Fear mongering is exactly what it is. I stopped watching the news (sorrow mongering) and garbage like “The History Channel” and “The Learning Channel” a few months ago. It was ruining my personal peace because I would get so furious at the stupidity of it all. My outrage was mostly over the idea that is was poisoning ignorant or otherwise uneducated minds with lies and fake information and endless stories about war, war, war. Children need to be protected from brainwashing.

    My ex wife invested every waking moment in the fear of a future Armageddon that kept not happening on time. She recently died a paranoid wreck who saw every doctor as a conspirator against her soul. I have been deprogramming our daughter ever since her mother died.

    I think it is important to recognize that each of us has a life to live and if a misguided child or adult enters our sphere of influence then we have a responsibility to enlighten, educate or deprogram them if possible but leaving one’s sphere of personal responsibility and ability to throw rocks at the moon is just falling prey to the very thing we’re talking about. If it actually is your job to throw rocks at the moon, IE: sue corporate America, then I applaud you and freely offer you whatever support I can find in my own God-given bag of tricks.

    • Hi Doug;

      My biggest fear is that this urban legend is going to cause people to kill themselves. Up at the top of my ‘2012’ page I discuss the young woman, a girl, really, who committed suicide by drinking pesticide over fears that the Large Hadron Collider would cause a black hole and swallow the earth.

      That’s my ‘beef’ with these guys.

      I’m sorry for the loss of your wife, and I sincerely hope you can connect with your daughter, and turn her away from this kind of stuff.

  7. Thank you.
    It’s terrible, I agree. They love money and disrespect the innocent. It’s amoral and flat out criminal. Thank you for shedding light on the problem.

    • No… thank you for reminding me not to let my anger at this get the best of me. I still have responsibilities to my family, my job, and myself. “Throwing rocks at the moon” will probably do nothing.

      On the other hand, a friend of mine who is also in the fight against the 2012 hoax recorded one of the shows on the history channel and took down names of the ‘experts’ and the sponsors of the show.

      Perhaps some emails to the advertisers might get their attention.

      • Count me in. I have 2 physics/astrophysics university degrees (BSc and MSc) and can show them proofs that will make their heads spin!

        I’m stunned that the History Channel can get away with this. How about we petition them to make a show saying the 2012 thing is bunk? Maybe we could make it ourselves!

  8. Hey, I volunteer my assistance as well, should it be needed…this is a complete load of bull gone too far, and these media outlets are only gonna get what’s coming to them.

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