Isn’t it ironic?

The state of California is closing several state parks, including Fremont Peak State Park.  The closure of FPSP will likely result in the bankruptcy of the Fremont Peak Observatory Association, as we will be forced to spend money we don’t have in order to disassemble, transport, and store our equipment.

Yet, on the last day we know we will be open, I’m giving a program for a boy scout troop up at the observatory for their astronomy merit badge.  I’ve got a full afternoon planned, from 13:00 to 17:00, followed by the public program beginning at 20:00.  We’re going to be looking at star charts, making planispheres, and building a scale model of the solar system.

Doesn’t Fremont Peak provide more benefit than just being a ‘state park’?  Doesn’t the observatory go well beyond just letting people look through the telescope?

Our media briefing on August 22nd begins at 17:00 at the peak.  Any of you who care to support FPOA can drop me a note in comments, and I’ll pass it along to the board and have it presented at the media briefing.

Thanks in advance.

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