4 thoughts on “That bright star next to the moon this morning…

  1. Hi Astrogeek,

    I was in Cyprus from 1st to 9th September this year. From about 9:00 (their time – which is about GMT +3hrs) we could see a very bright star/planet/ISS close to the right hand side of the moon, that (with the naked eye) looked to be a lot closer/bigger/brighter. I have since been subsequently confounded by the Web and well-intentioned fools and now hope you can solve the mystery! What is it?



    • Hi Paul;

      I’m not quite sure what that was. If you saw it on the 2nd, then it was very likely Jupiter, the Moon and Jupiter were very close that evening. The day before and the day after it would still have been fairly close, but the moon moves about 12 degrees per night (that’s a bit more than a hand-span at arm’s length).

      If you saw it well away from the 2nd, then I’m not sure. By the way, what phase was the moon in? That would help me pin down the date.

      P.S., you did not mention it moving, so I will assume that it was not the ISS or other spacecraft. The ISS *is* visible, but only for short periods of time from any given location, and its movement across the sky is very apparent.

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