Poor Pane Andov

Pane Andov doesn’t like it when we talk about how bad his ideas are over at 2012hoax.org.  In fact, he’s sent an email demand that we remove the page on him because it ‘blacks his name’.

Well, Pane, we’re happy that you have read the page on you.  I’ll make you the same offer that I make to everybody: If there is something that is factually incorrect on the page discussing your ideas, please demonstrate that it is incorrect, and I will fix it.  What I will not do is take the page down over a hollow and empty threat that you are going to have your lawyers contact the FBI.



3 thoughts on “Poor Pane Andov

  1. Hey BH,
    I’ve looked at the info you’ve provided as fact too, some of it is tenuous at best and suspect as well, sometimes based on your own opinions and beliefs…. so it’s appears to be a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I’m going to find out who you are and what your agenda is…..Surely your view point can’t be that naive and blinkered….not to mention that you’ve gone out of your way to identify the people you’ve chosen to highlight on this idiots guide to how not to think too much about the world you live in.
    All you’re doing is reinforcing to the fragile mass mind is that it is 100% ok to keep living like lambs to the slaughter in the ignorant paternal fear they are living. That fear,ignorance and confusion are the prime manipulating forces that control our so called progressive civilisation. Much like the follower mentality of places such as Hillsong ….. but I’m sure you’d find them acceptable now wouldn’t you….
    It’s undeniable something IS going on. Whether it’s what any of the so called hoaxers say it is, only time will tell…. But I think you’re in for a RUDE RUDE shock too with your smug matter of factness……the sad fact is you and your kind (99%) will not even notice it….. Bleet on brother.

  2. Hey Aussie Bloke,

    I’m thinking you’re one of the ones who’s in for the rude, rude shock, my good fellow, if you’re actually saying you believe what you seem to be implying. But, hey, it’s your right to believe what you wish . . . so by all means, go right ahead!

    But how about this: how’s about you surf on back over here on 22 December or 24 December, whichever is after your “critical point in time,” and give us your explanation about how it must have been a miscalculation or misunderstanding or whatever, hmm? I’m SURE we’ll be here waiting to read it!

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