365 Days of Astronomy Podcasts

Here are the links to the last few days:

January 2nd: Jeff Setzer on using your first telescope

January 3rd: Emily Lakdawalla on 5 years of Spirit on Mars

January 4th: Dr. Pamela Gay and Fraiser Cain on Dark Matter and Dark Energy

January 5th: Doug Welch and Michael Koppleman from Slacker Astronomy on the seasons and Solar System Geometry

January 6th: Carolyn Collins Peterson (The Spacewriter) Top Ten reasons why stargazing is cool.

January 7th: Travis Searle, Rebecca Turner, Mike Simonsen from AAVSO on understanding variable stars.

January 8th: Stuart Lowe from the Jodcast on Pulsars

All In One

I have a couple of old favorite podcasts, Astronomy Cast (by Dr. Pamela Gay and Frasier Cain) and The Jodcast (by the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank ).  Of course in IYA2009 I’m adding 365DaysOfAstronomy to that list.

Now, in a wonderful all-in-one, the January 2009 Jodcast talks to Dr. Gay about the 365DaysOfAstronomy.