I just had to laugh…

… when I saw my point score on Yahoo! Answers today.6666_astrogeek


Introducing: The ENC

In honor of the new campaign of censorship attempts by 2012ers on Yahoo!Answers Astronomy & Space,  I’m now forming the ENC, or “Evil NASA Conspiracy”.  This is a blatant rip-off of the “EAC” (We do not exist), but what the heck.

I think our slogan will be “In space, nobody can hear you scheme!”.   Our goals will be simple: the suppression of any evidence of Planet-X/Nibiru.  We should be very successful in this, since the object does not exist.

See?  It’s working already!  I’ll have to work on my funding proposal to NASA.

Astronomy burger

So, have you seen these commercials yet?  The ones for the Burger King Steakhouse Burger?  I’ve caught three of them so far, and they are all similarly annoying, but the last one ticks me off.  I’m quoting these from memory, so these are probably not exact.

The first one I saw went something like this:  Two men are sitting in a lunchroom, eating their BK Steakhouse burgers.  A woman enters the scene, and asks one man “What did you do to earn that Steakhouse burger?”  He replies “I gave half my paycheck to charity.”   She nods happily, and then asks the second man “And what did you do?”.  The second man replies “I was just hungry.”  The woman angrily slaps the second man and calls him an arrogant and selfish jerk.  The tagline is “The steakhouse burger is so special, people will think you’re special too”.

I saw another variation a few days ago, which I frankly can’t remember.  However, last night I saw this one:

Two men are sitting at a table in a room lined with rack-mounted electronics.  On the table is a small (6- or 8-inch) Newtonian telescope.  Obviously this is *supposed* to be an observatory in a university setting.   A third man enters the scene and asks “What did you do to earn that Steakhouse Burger”.  The first man replies “I found a moon around Regulus 359, in the Crab Nebula.  It may support life”.   The third man asks the second “And you?”.  The second man replies “I helped”.  The third man angrily replies “You either *find* a new star, or you *don’t* you arrogant <bleep>”.

Of course, the point is supposed to be that these burgers are really good, and that people will expect you to have done something special to earn them.  However, this commercial grates on my nerves because of the obvious errors, so the producers and directors of this commercial get no BK Steakhouse Burger!

First of all, Regulus is a star, not a constellation.  There is no star ‘Regulus 359’.   Regulus is a particular star, the brightest star in Leo. It is a triple star system, so there is a Regulus A, B and C, but no ‘Regulus 359’.

The star ‘Wolf 359’ is in Leo, which may be where the commercial got ‘Regulus 359’.  Wolf 359 is a small, dim, red dwarf star, only about 7.8 ly away.  Regulus A is about 77.5 ly away, and is a type B star, young, hot, and also spinning very rapidly.

The ‘Crab Nebula’ is not anywhere near Leo, it’s in Taurus.   It’s also a supernova remnant, so anything “in the Crab Nebula” would be toast.

So, let’s assume that ‘Regulus 359’ is supposed to be a star, then what they discovered would be a ‘planet’, not a ‘moon’.   As far as I know, we’ve only been able to discover some extrasolar planets by the wiggle they put into their host star.   There has been some spectroscopic analysis of the reflected light from some planets, but no direct imaging.   I don’t see how we could discover a ‘moon’ at this point (but I could be wrong).

Is that supposed to be the telescope that they used?  It looks like a commercial 8-inch newt.   It would be really cool if we could image extrasolar planets from that scope, but not very damn likely.

And lastly, they can’t keep their story straight for the whole 30 seconds.  Guy #1 says ‘moon’ and guy #3 says ‘star’.  Which is it?

All in all, this commercial belongs on Phil Plait’s site as an example of bad astronomy in the media.    Sorry guys, you had an opportunity to earn that BK Steakhouse Burger, but now I have to take them away.

Four Things (aka: "Four Score", "Fantastic Four") Meme

I’ve just been introduced to a new (well, new to me, anyway) online game of meme tagging, sort of like “it” for bloggers (or perhaps more like a chain letter, but this one doesn’t warn against dire consequences for breaking the chain).  

So here’s the chain of events.  I found out that I’ve been tagged  who was tagged by  who was tagged by  who was tagged by Seeking Academia for “The Four Things Meme” who was tagged by Dr. Brazen Hussey at ‘What the Hell is Wrong With You’ for the “Four Things Meme” who was tagged by Lost Clown at ‘Angry for a Reason’ for the “4 Things meme” who was tagged by ‘I See Invisible People’ for the “Four things meme” who was tagged by the Constant Observer for the “Four Things” meme who was tagged by WriterJax for the “Fantastic Four” meme which is where I lost the trail.

So it’s interesting to see where the chain has been and how it has changed during its travels through the blogosphere.

Four Things Meme:

Four jobs I have had in my life:

  1. Information Systems Manager 
  2. Database Programmer
  3. Computer Hardware Technician 
  4. Vending Machine refiller (it paid the bills)

Four places that I have lived:

  1. Gilroy, California
  2. Fremont, California 
  3. Hayward, California
  4. Santa Clara, California (no, I’ve never lived outside California)

Four favorite Foods:

  1. Steak, freshly grilled, as rare as I can get it with nothing on it. 
  2. Japanese “Teppan-Yaki”, light on the sauces, heavy on the rice.
  3. Pasta, with little or no sauce. 
  4. Rainbow trout, fresh caught, cooked in a cast iron skillet over the camp fire. 

Four places I’d rather be:

  1. ISS
  2. Fremont Peak with 50 or more guests waiting to see Saturn.
  3. In my home workshop, completing one of the dozen or so uncompleted projects I’ve got. 
  4. In my home workshop, making a telescope I’m designing (after I finish the other projects)

Four Movies I can watch again and again:

  1. Apollo 13
  2. To Kill a Mocking Bird 
  3. The Gallant Hours
  4. Saving Private Ryan 

Four TV shows I like to watch:

  1. Dr Who (The original series, but I like the new ones too) 
  2. The Outer Limits 
  3. Stargate SG1
  4. Good science programming (not crap pseudoscience like ‘bermuda triangle mystery’ stuff) 

Four websites I visit daily:

  1. Bloglines
  2. StarStryder 
  3. Universe Today 
  4. Astonomybuff

Four computers I have owned:

  1. Acer I bought and maxed out for my wife to do video on 
  2. “Hudson Special” (i.e., I built it out of spare parts)
  3. TRS-80 (The “Trash 80”, a Tandy 8086 with FOUR KILOBYTES of RAM, whoo hoo!)
  4. Morrow MD4 (a Z-80 processor, and TWO KILOBYTES of RAM and the CP/M Operating System! Yee Haw!) 

Four people to tag:

(this is the hard part, who do I bug with this?)

  1. David Pearson
  2. Iain Musgrave
  3. John Wilkins
  4. Fraser Cain


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