These are free downloadable resources for amateur astronomers.  If you would like to see something here that is not listed, please leave a comment.  In keeping with my No Ads policy, I will only link to it if it is absolutely free (not nagware, not shareware, not upgradeware) and easily downloadable.   For software, I would prefer it be available in a variety of platforms.

Visual Aids

Star Atlases


Other Activity Resources


  • Celestia: Tour the solar system in three dimensions.  This is a real-time 3D space simulator.  Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Stellarium: An easy to use planetarium software.  Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Hayden Planetarium’s Digital Universe:  This is a 3D atlas of the universe.  It comes in 3 different editions with different features.  Windows/Mac OSX/Linux/IRIX

6 thoughts on “Resources

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  4. Hi,
    I am in need of someone who can set up a Telescope at a Country Club in Los Angeles. We are having an event called Jazz under the Stars and would like to have someone come up with a telescope and show people, well… stars!
    Any ideas?

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