Letter of Support template

In prior posts here and here I discussed the crisis that is happening right now at Fremont Peak.

I now have a template in Microsoft Word and PDF format.  Please, if you live in the state of California, or especially if you live in the greater San Francisco bay area,  download it, hack it up any way you’d like, and send it to your local assembly member as soon as possible.  The state assembly reconvenes on August 17th, but immediate action is necessary.  If the current situation stands then Fremont Peak State Park will close down on September 7th!

This will create a cascade of events which may cause the observatory to close for good, even if the park were to reopen.

Fremont Peak impending closure

In an effort to close California’s significant budget gap, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has significantly cut funding to the state park system. This is forcing the California State park system to propose closing several state parks, including Fremont Peak State Park, which is where the FPOA Challenger telescope lives.

This closure, if it stands, would be a significant blow to amateur astronomy and to astronomy education in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Fremont Peak Observatory is maintained by over a hundred amateur astronomers who serve the entire region, providing educational opportunities including viewing opportunities, classroom visits, participation in scientific research projects, internships for community college students, lectures, and educational projects and activities. Local schools from elementary classrooms up through community colleges use the resources provided by FPOA.

In a letter to members FPOA president Doug Brown asks for help to:

identify decision-makers,
draft appeal letter templates for distribution to our members and customers, draft media releases,
or make effective contact with representatives and media