Thanks, Venus

The planet of Venus has caused a spike in traffic to this blog, mostly by people trying to find out what that bright star next to the Moon is.

Yes, it’s Venus.  Yes, you really can see it in the day if you know where to look.

Here’s the skinny: Find the moon (it will be about halfway across the sky from the Sun along the ecliptic).  Block the Sun with one hand, and with your other hand hold up two fingers at arms length.   That’s about the distance that Venus will appear below and to the right of the Moon.   Be patient, and let your eyes adjust.

Woop, there it is…

Daylight Venus

Finding Venus in the daylight

Finding Venus in the daylight

Yes, it is possible to see Venus in the daylight.  Right now is a great time to try.  Find the moon, and about three degrees below it  and off to the right (West) will be a bright spot.   I just did it myself. WOOT!

UPDATE; January 30 2009: You can repeat the feat today. Venus will again be below and to the right of the moon.