Happy Equinox, Vernal!

For some silly reason every time I hear ‘Vernal’ I imagine “Ernest P. Worrell” saying ‘KnoWhatIMean Vernal?’.  Yes, I know it’s supposed to be ‘Vern’ and that it’s an obvious homonym, but I can’t help myself.

In astronomical terms an equinox is the moment at which the sun passes directly over the equator.  This happens twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the fall.  For the northern hemisphere, The vernal (spring) equinox happens on March 20 or 21st and the autumnal (fall) equinox happens on September 20 or 21st.   For the down-unders, reverse those terms.  As I write this the vernal equinox happened about 15 minutes ago.  So it’s officially spring!

(  ah-choo! )  <dag nabbed hay fever…>